Expert Breast Surgery in Long Branch, NJ

Breast cancer occurrence among women is second only to skin cancer. Luckily, modern early detection and treatment help you and your healthcare providers make smart decisions about your health when you experience an abnormal breast mass.

When you begin to consider surgical options, contact Michael A. Goldfarb MD FACS. We offer technically expert and experienced professional and compassionate care for benign and malignant breast diseases to empower your decision.

The Surgical Process

When you experience a change in breast shape, texture, or feeling, you may be anxious about potential implications. Dr. Goldfarb and his team will help you navigate the process of diagnosis and treatment. This may include diagnostic imaging, biopsy, surgery, and possibly radiation and oncologic support.

Your consultation may include:

  • Collection of medical history, symptoms and examination
  • An overview of accepted breast self-examination techniques and mammogram recommendations
  • Review of diagnostic imaging
  • Choices of non-surgical and/or surgical treatment

Surgical treatment may not be the right option for every patient. Dr. Goldfarb and other experts he works with review the entire case.  He understands that breast cancer surgery can be deeply emotional and personal, and he seeks the facts you need to make your own decisions.

If surgery is a viable option for you, the staff will schedule an appointment for the procedure and provide you with pre- and post-surgery guidelines to improve your recovery process.

Learn more specifics about how our team approaches cases like yours in our breast surgery brief.

Professor Michael A. Goldfarb MD FACS started this practice more than four decades ago. His advanced surgical breast practice’s goal is to provide each patient with the best options and results.

When you battle cancer, you face many uncertainties. Having confidence in your surgeon should be linked to their experience and surgical expertise, and is essential for a successful outcome. Dr. Goldfarb is one of the most experienced and technically expert breast surgeons in the state. He has some of the best outcomes in the country, which have been published. He has implemented many modern innovations and has taught them to many of his trainees. Dr. Goldfarb is a surgeon other surgeons choose for their family members. He has been listed for many years at a Top Doctor for Women’s Health and Breast Surgery.

To begin treatment, call our Long Branch, NJ, office at 732-870-6060 or contact us via online form to schedule a consultation.

Michael A. Goldfarb MD FACS